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Nuova Jolly Inflatable Boats provide the perfect way to escape

Founded back in 1961 by Domenico Aiello, Nuova Jolly was born with a single purpose in mind. The absolute pursuit of perfection to allow each and every one to escape on the water, if just for an instant. The Milan-based boat maker has since developed some of the most impressive and noteworthy semi-rigid inflatable boats on the market, creating a unique DNA that Nuova Jolly enthusiasts enjoy every single day.

The company has grown in recent years and the technologies used in building its distinctive inflatable boats has considerably evolved, but the heart and soul of the company founded over 60 years ago was never compromised in the process. Nuova Jolly inflatable boats are the perfect way to escape the grind of daily life to a more peaceful and calm environment where you and your boat are one, and where friends and family can reunite away from the hussle and bustle.

The Nuova Jolly lineup features a range of inflatable boats measuring 5 to 13 metres long, all built at the company’s 5000 square metre facility outside Milan. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to build its semi-rigid inflatable boats, and in the process sets the benchmark for non only performance, but also comfort and refinement on the water.

Here are some of the highlights of Nuova Jolly inflatable boats.

Design. Nuova Jolly boats are designed around the concept of functional elegance. They stand out on the water with their remarkable visual signature that cannot be mistaken for anything else but one of the company's boats. That said, the deck, perfectly finished in premium materials, is also designed to be spacious, functional, and easy to move around on. The aft dinette as well as the large seats which are convertible into sunbeds as well as the ergonomic centre console and large lockers with gas springs provide the perfect blend of usability and style.

Hull. The hull on NJ boats is specifically designed to provide remarkable handling and precision as well as safety and comfort on the most difficult waters.

Construction. The hull described above is built using “Roving Mat” fiberglass and crossed arrangements to ensure the highest level of rigidity, thus contributing to the confort and agility of Nuova Jolly boats.

Tube. The tubes are built using the highest quality materials and fabrics to ensure long-lasting durability and rigidity. The use of neoprene-hypalon ensures optimal UV and hydrocarbon resistance.

Discover Nuova Jolly boats today, the perfect interpretation of the Italian quest for perfection.

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