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A look at Invictus Yachts new TT460 powerboat

Introduced last March at the Miami Boat Show, the impressive TT460 from Invictus Yachts is a brand-new 46-foot premium yacht with remarkable luxury features that provides everything discerning yacht owners are looking for out on the water. The new flagship model of the Invictus Yachts TT line also provides remarkable customization opportunities and multiple characteristics that make every adventure out on the water a more enjoyable affair.

Invictus Yachts is the Italian pride of the yachting world, and as expected from a product bearing the manufacturer's emblem, the TT460 is noticeable first and foremost with its remarkable and distinctive design. The presence that it has out on the water is second to none and it makes a bold statement coming into port. The goal was to convey the effortlessness of the ocean paired with its might, and the TT460 certainly delivers. The elegance, refinement, and class of the fluid lines convey a soothing open-water cruise, but the design also conveys power and strength, two other elements that characterize the TT460.

Fully customized interior

The deck and cabin amenities are just as noteworthy. As mentioned previously, Invictus Yachts provides multiple customization opportunities to new owners including open space solutions with transformable double beds in the stern as well as an available lounge area in the bow, and it is possible to configure and divide the areas within the TT460 to your specific wants and needs. Performance is also state-of-the-art with the latest technologies powering the TT460 and guiding it out on the water as well.

Anyone looking for a versatile and exceptionally well-appointed powerboat that provides the highest level of class and comfort out on the water while also providing remarkable performance will be thrilled with everything the new Invictus Yachts TT460 model provides. Give us a call today to learn more.

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