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A look at the impressive Marex 420 Gourmet Cruiser

Introducing the Marex 420 - the newest addition to the Marex family and an all-new generation of cruiser. With a length of 13.70 metres and a maximum beam of 4.27 metres, this boat is Marex's new flagship model. It comes in two amazing versions: the Gourmet Cruiser features an enormous U-shaped kitchen layout while the Scandinavia Version offers a second dining area in an enclosed salon - perfect for small gatherings.

Impressive Gourmet Kitchen

The Marex 420 Gourmet Cruiser is a chef's dream come true! Its enormous U-shaped kitchen layout is the largest in its class and features an oven/microwave, double sink, induction cooker and a dishwasher. Plus, it has an opening countertop that can store up to four 24-box cases of beer or drinks - perfect for entertaining! And thanks to its solar panels, the 220-litre refrigerator and 100-litre freezer can run independently of shore power.

The Scandinavia Version also offers a unique dining experience with a big sofa and two retractable stools instead of port side kitchen cabinets. So, no matter what you're looking for, the Marex 420 can offer it all.

Functional in Every Way

The Marex 420 offers the fastest and most convenient way to close an open cockpit deck. Built into the targa arch are hidden curtains that can be opened and closed with just ONE single grip - no buttons or rubber bands required! In less than a minute, it's easy to transition from an open cruiser to a completely closed boat for ultimate privacy and protection.

Founded in 1973 in Norway, Marex is a family-run shipyard that has been building boats of varying sizes for nearly five decades. Its 18,400 square metre production facility in Kaunas, Lithuania employs over 350 people and produces six different models ranging from 31ft to 37ft. Whether you're looking for class and luxury or speed and agility, Marex has the perfect vessel for you!

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