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A Look at the White Shark Origin Line

The White Shark Origin line signifies a blend of innovation, performance, and design in the world of marine vessels. Born from the French shipyard, known for their rich tradition in boatbuilding, these vessels offer unique experiences for those who appreciate the allure of the open sea. Let's dive into the features and characteristics of each model in this exceptional line.

White Shark 210 CC

The White Shark 210 CC, the smallest open boat in the current range, impressively manages to accommodate up to seven people despite its compact size. The boat boasts a sporty hull that delivers great performance, capable of being powered with motors ranging from 115 to 175 HP. Its design highlights a spacious and safe deck layout, providing a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone onboard. Another notable feature is its convertible sunbed, which can effortlessly be transformed into a dining area, adding a layer of versatility to your marine adventures.

White Shark 230 CC

Taking a step up in size, the White Shark 230 CC stands out with its timeless design and exceptional marine behavior. This boat is perfect for a myriad of activities, from cruising, fishing, and diving to water skiing or leisurely strolls. Building on the success of its predecessor, the White Shark 225, this new model enhances marine qualities and comfort for all aboard. Its innovative hull profile exudes elegance, while the large sunbed converts into a seating area for six, and a spacious rear bench offers ample storage space.

White Shark 250 CC

The White Shark 250 CC is a true gem for sportive navigation enthusiasts who appreciate a customizable boat tailored to specific navigation programs. It sports a streamlined hull that fearlessly takes on rough seas and a cockpit featuring a full-width bench. The bow presents a seating area with a large table and U-shaped seating, along with two sunbeds that can be transformed into a living space for maximum relaxation. The interior console can be equipped with various appliances such as a sink, stove, refrigerator, and toilet, ensuring a convenient and comfortable journey at sea.

White Shark 300 CC

At the pinnacle of the Origin line is the White Shark 300 CC. This vessel capitalizes on the marine qualities and comfort of its famous predecessors, adding a touch of classic yet innovative design. Its elegant and sleek hull provides superior performance, while the futuristic console design and folding front bench add a modern twist. The spacious exterior features a sunbed over three meters long, a convertible seating/dining area for eight people, and rear bench storage. The two distinct spaces below decks are furnished with double berths, ample stowage space, and a fully equipped kitchen, making the White Shark 300 CC an epitome of luxury at sea.

The White Shark Origin line truly captures the essence of marine exploration. With a model for every taste and requirement, these boats offer a captivating blend of style, function, and performance, making every journey at sea a memorable adventure.

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