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Capoforte Showcases Impressive New FX260 at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

This year at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, marine enthusiasts had much to talk about, especially with the introduction of Capoforte's FX260. This remarkable vessel, displaying unparalleled versatility, promises to serve both leisure seekers and avid fishermen.

Diverse Configurations for Multiple Needs

The FX260's design showcases the brilliance of renowned designer Christian Grande. With the capability to configure the boat according to individual preferences, it truly stands out. On one hand, it offers a leisure-focused layout, allowing users to transform the frontal area with two distinct seating options. There's the U-shaped bench, aligning with the front's contour, and another linear seating next to the mooring area. To elevate relaxation, there's an opportunity to integrate a sunbathing zone between the U-shaped bench and the chaise lounge. This space, dedicated exclusively for sunbathing and relaxation, is complemented by lightweight cushions that fit neatly into spacious storage underneath the lounge, utilizing the hull's depth.

The interior of the FX260 is designed for comfort, complete with a cabin that houses a toilet compartment, storage spaces on both sides, and an optional full-height shower. The aesthetic language inside is soft and welcoming, allowing various configurations. Depending on preferences, owners can choose to add a table upfront or include parasols, supported by tubular structures, which can be strategically positioned either forward or aft, as required.

A Fisherman’s Dream

For those with a passion for fishing, the FX260 has another side to it. Differing from the leisurely version, this configuration boasts ample space and features a "fisherman's box" instead of the rear bench. This specialized box incorporates a faucet, cutting board, drawer for bait and hooks, and a live bait tank equipped with lighting and a wash pump, available as an add-on. Moreover, generous deck storage spaces are a significant feature, having two large fully-washable compartments. These compartments, enhanced by unique nozzles connecting to the bilge, are perfect for storing catches or spearfishing equipment. For those keen on keeping their cockpit pristine, optional freshwater and seawater washdown faucets are available.

Capoforte's FX260 is a testament to quality craftsmanship, efficient use of space, and timeless design, as emphasized by Christian Grande. Whether you're looking to relax on the water or catch the big one, this vessel promises to cater to both worlds seamlessly. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was indeed graced by this masterpiece, setting new standards in boating versatility.

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