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Comparison of the White Shark 240 SC and 270 SC: Navigating the Nuances of Luxury and Performance

White Shark's reputation for designing boats that blend high performance with luxury is further exemplified in their latest models, the 240 SC and 270 SC. Both boats are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered to provide exceptional comfort and speed. This article compares these two models, highlighting their specifications, design features, and performance to help potential buyers and marine enthusiasts understand their unique characteristics and advantages.

Design and Aesthetics

Both the White Shark 240 SC and 270 SC boast a sporty and innovative design, characterized by an elegant and racy hull that promises high performance. The design of both models ensures that everything from the hull form to onboard amenities enhances fast cruising and comfort.

  • 240 SC: This model features a compact design with a length of 7.75 meters and a beam of 2.53 meters, making it ideal for quick, agile movements in the water. Its design is optimized for ease of handling and efficiency, making it suitable for both leisure and sporty expeditions.

  • 270 SC: Slightly larger, the 270 SC stretches 8.11 meters in length with a beam of 2.83 meters, providing more interior space and stability. The design includes two large sun decks and a spacious square interior, enhancing the boat’s convivial nature and suitability for social gatherings and extended stays on the water.

Specifications and Performance

  • 240 SC Specifications:

  • Length: 7.75 m

  • Hull Length: 6.95 m

  • Beam: 2.53 m

  • Fuel Tank: 285 liters

  • Water Tank: Approximately 40 liters (optional)

  • Recommended Power: 250 hp

  • Maximum Engine Power: 300 hp

  • Vee at Transom: 22°

  • Maximum Passengers: 8-9

  • Design Category: C-D

  • 270 SC Specifications:

  • Length: 8.11 m

  • Hull Length: 8.08 m

  • Beam: 2.83 m

  • Builder’s Weight: 2150 kg

  • Fuel Tank: 400 liters

  • Water Tank: 80 liters

  • Recommended Power: 2 x 175 hp

  • Maximum Engine Power: 2 x 200 hp

  • Vee at Transom: 19°

  • Maximum Passengers: 7 B / 8 C

  • Design Category: B / C

The 270 SC’s larger size and dual-engine configuration allow it to achieve greater power and stability, making it well-suited for both rough waters and long-distance cruising. In contrast, the 240 SC’s lighter, more agile build is perfect for day trips and sports fishing, with sufficient power to reach thrilling speeds.

Equipment and Features

Both models come equipped with essential and luxury features that enhance their usability and comfort:

  • Common Features: Both boats include hydraulic steering, electric windlass, aft swim platforms, and a livewell, catering to both convenience and sporty functionality.

  • 270 SC Exclusive Features: This model boasts a large convertible berth space, a dinette with sink, refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven, along with a separate toilet with sink, making it more suitable for extended living on water.

Unique Selling Proposition of White Shark

White Shark boats are distinguished by their impeccable construction quality, innovative design, and the ability to customize features according to owner preferences. These characteristics, combined with the brand’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology and luxury, make White Shark a standout in the boating industry. The versatility in design and performance between models like the 240 SC and 270 SC showcases White Shark's capability to cater to a wide range of maritime activities and preferences, ensuring there is a model that perfectly aligns with every boater's needs.


In summary, while both the White Shark 240 SC and 270 SC are exemplary models that promise performance and luxury, the choice between them depends on the intended use and personal preferences of the buyer. The 240 SC is ideal for those seeking a swift, agile boat for day trips and sports fishing, while the 270 SC is tailored for those who desire more space and amenities for leisure and extended stays on the water. Both models reflect White Shark's dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, solidifying their reputation in the luxury maritime market.

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