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Everything You Want to Know About the New Capoforte SQ240i

In a world increasingly leaning towards eco-conscious modes of transport, the Italian shipyard Capoforte is no exception. This renowned boat builder has carved out a niche for itself with dayboats ranging from 6 to 8 meters, powered by outboard or inboard motors. However, with the release of the Capoforte SQ240i, the company has made an impressive entry into the world of electric propulsion. This model offers a flexible layout and elegant design that promise to redefine seafaring experiences.

A fully-electric luxury cruiser from Capoforte

The SQ240i is Capoforte's pioneer electric model, developed following a trial with a 3.7 kW Yamaha Harmo electric motor. The newly developed model boasts a more powerful 50 kW inboard shaft motor by the German company, Molabo. Weighing in at 45 kg, this efficient motor is both compact and robust. Powering the SQ240i are standard Mastervolt batteries of 36 kWh, neatly installed under the sunbathing area. For those looking for extended power, options to upgrade to 48 kWh or 60 kWh are available.

This innovative boat achieves a maximum speed of 15 knots and can maintain this speed autonomously for 45 minutes. However, for those preferring a leisurely pace, the SQ240i can sustain a speed of 6.5 knots for a period of up to 4 hours. These figures were established during a sea trial with the Molabo Iscad V50 and four 200 ampere/hour batteries on board, along with five people. At maximum speed, the boat consumes 45 kW, while at 6.5 knots, it uses a mere 8 kW.

The SQ240i stands apart in design, specifically tailored for electric propulsion. Its flexible layout and spacious interior complement the clean energy ethos. The open hull, measuring 7.38 meters long and 2.46 meters wide, is approved in category C for up to 10 people, boasting a total weight of 1065 kg. Its straight bow and chine hull are crowned by a rounded prow, contributing to the attractive interior space.

As for the layout, the SQ240i offers flexibility and comfort in spades. The sundeck, positioned over the rear platform, features a common tilting backrest that doubles as the pilot's bench. The central cockpit boasts a comfortable driving position, complete with a storage compartment and handrails. The expansive front deck hosts a large U-shaped bench seat, offering a relaxing seating area with an abundance of storage compartments.

In conclusion, the Capoforte SQ240i is a testament to the exciting possibilities of electric propulsion in the marine world. It encapsulates the harmonious fusion of technology, design, and sustainable power, offering seafaring enthusiasts an environmentally-friendly option without compromising performance or comfort. With the SQ240i, Capoforte is indeed steering the way towards a greener future in boating.

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