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Five Impressive Features of the New Marex 440 Cruiser

The Marex 440 Cruiser is a beacon of innovation, representing the newest generation of cruisers embellished with modern design lines and groundbreaking innovations. Spanning a length of 13.70 metres and flaunting a maximum beam of 4.27 metres, this elegant vessel is destined to become the jewel of the Marex brand. Here, we explore five key aspects of the Marex 440 that redefine the cruising experience.

1. Diverse Modifications:

The Marex 440 is available in two distinctive modifications: the 440 Gourmet Cruiser, boasting a vast U-shaped kitchen layout, and the 440 Scandinavia Version, featuring an additional enclosed salon for dining. These modifications are meticulously designed to offer a versatile cruising experience, whether you prefer an expansive kitchen or an additional dining space, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyle needs.

2. Innovative Design & Functional Kitchen:

The Marex 440 Gourmet Cruiser is a testament to collaborative brilliance, conceived by Marex’s internal design team in harmony with VOM Creations Yacht Design from Slovenia, with naval architecture by Nikl Design and engineering by Alpha Creations. The kitchen in the Gourmet Cruiser is unparalleled in its class, featuring an oven/microwave, a double sink, an induction cooker, and a dishwasher, all enveloped within a substantial U-shaped layout. The strategically placed solar panels ensure the continuous operation of the 220-litre refrigerator and 100-litre freezer without the need for shore power.

3. Versatile Cockpit:

The Marex 440’s cockpit is a versatile masterpiece, accommodating up to 10 guests for dining. The table within this space can be adjusted to form a substantial sunpad/berth, and optional turning chairs can be height adjusted for use with either the bar or table, offering flexibility and convenience to the occupants.

4. Intuitive Accessibility:

The 440 model features sliding doors on both the pilot and port sides, enhancing accessibility for the captain and guests while allowing fresh air to permeate the interior. This thoughtful design consideration ensures fluid movement and a refreshing ambiance throughout the journey.

5. Innovative Swim Platform:

The Marex 440 is equipped with a hydraulically operated swim platform, ideal for carrying a tender during cruising and featuring steps for safe and easy access to and from the water. The adjacent large sitting area with integrated soft backs lets guests revel in their proximity to the sea, enhancing the overall maritime experience.

The Marex 440 Cruiser is an embodiment of sophistication and innovation, designed to offer the cruising experience of a significantly larger vessel. Whether it’s the largest kitchen in its class in the Gourmet Cruiser or the additional dining area in the Scandinavia Version, the versatile cockpit, or the innovative swim platform, every feature is meticulously designed to elevate the cruising experience. With its contemporary design lines and innovative features, the Marex 440 sets new standards in maritime luxury and functionality, ensuring an unforgettable journey on the waves.

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