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Introducing the new electric Capoforte SQ240i

Unveiled this week at the Genoa Boat Show, the new Capoforte SQ240i merges

elegance and technology, while meeting the latest requirements of a market

increasingly oriented towards electrification.

This new trend can also be found in the nautical field, where the Capoforte SQ240i

already stands out for its style, but also for its advanced technologies.

Measuring 7.38 meters long and 2.46 meters wide, the Capoforte SQ240i is the result of

a project by Christian Grande, who developed shapes specifically designed for this

unique and avant-garde model. Capoforte's new product can accommodate up to eight

people on board, concentrating a new sailing philosophy under the sign of sustainability

in a high-end and agile boat. According to Capoforte, the SQ240i is designed first and

foremost to exceed its owner's expectations and ensure an exemplary experience on

the water while letting its owner enjoy all the benefits of electrification.

The SQ240i is equipped with Yamaha's innovative 3.7 kW Harmo outboard drive system,

featuring proprietary drive technology for highly efficient and agile electric propulsion.

The SQ240i is able to navigate narrow waterways and offers fast and precise steering.

In addition, the Harmo motor places the stator in the outer edge of the propeller, which

allows for greater thrust at lower speeds than equivalent conventional motors, and has

a tilt function to take it out of the water when not in use.

The entire hull is manufactured using infusion technology and the design features a

wide, rounded bow that has resulted in a deck layout that provides an exceptional level

of comfort. A sleek, techno-savvy center console combined with state-of-the-art

technology ensures a pleasant ride in any situation while users can enjoy the quietness

of the electric engines while soaking up the sun on the inviting platform aft. The central

console allows for easy movement and its design is reminiscent of an elegant and

technological piece of furniture, while at the rear, the presence of a large central

sundeck offers the possibility of enjoying the comfortable full-width platform.

The Capoforte SQ240i represents all the refinement and historical quality of the Italian

brand while opening the way to the future of high-end watercraft. Contact us today to

learn more!

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