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PIRANHASCRAFT: Ultimate Italian Craftsmanship

Boats from PIRANHASCRAFT are renowned for their attention to detail and robustness. Crafted 100% in Italy, every product is CE certified and comes with two-year guarantee on the hull. What really makes these boats stand out is the remarkable speed achieved even on rough seas, thanks to its unique and particular hull design.

Additionally, their construction materials – aluminium – provide excellent resistance without compromising on weight or performance whilst being environmentally friendly. Not to mention, their customers can enjoy a long-term after sales assistance as all production phases are done internally by PIRANHASCRAFT specialists.

The reduced energy consumption of aluminium boats compared to other materials also helps reduce fuel consumption for a sustainable sailing experience. All in all, these Italian Aluminium Boats are sure to offer an unmatched experience of comfort, quality and safety while navigating the high seas without detrimentally impacting our planet's resources.


PIRANHASCRAFT Alumar boats are designed for challenging functions, such as deep sea fishing, logistic, rescue and surveillance. With models like the AS670, AS780 and AS850, these boats provide superior durability and strength while ensuring extraordinary performance in harsh conditions.

For instance, they feature a special hull made of double-thickness alloy which makes them sufficiently strong to resist heavy impacts or extreme weather conditions. These boats are also equipped with a variety of features: from reinforced gunwales and transom for stability during anchoring operations to extra-wide decks for added comfort. Moreover, their unique design enables them to maintain a steady course in rough waters making them an ideal choice for those who need reliability out on the open seas!

Discover everything these impressive boats have to offer today!

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