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Quick Look at the new WHITE SHARK 240 CC Evo

The WHITE SHARK 240 CC Evo emerges as a notable addition to the nautical world, offering a blend of performance, versatility, and comfort. Renowned for their high-quality marine vessels, WHITE SHARK's latest model is no exception, promising an exceptional boating experience.

Boat Dimensions and Design

At 7.75 meters in length, the 240 CC Evo is designed to provide ample space and stability on the water. Its hull length of 6.95 meters and a maximum beam of 2.53 meters contribute to its balanced and robust design. The boat’s shallow draft, approximately 0.50 meters with the motor up, allows access to various water depths, making it ideal for different marine environments.

Performance and Power

Equipped with a single XXL engine, the 240 CC Evo is built for power and efficiency. The transom deadrise angle of 22° enhances its performance in different sea conditions. The boat can accommodate engine powers up to 300 hp (224 kW), though the recommended power is 250 hp (149 kW), balancing speed and fuel efficiency.

Capacity and Comfort The 240 CC Evo can comfortably carry 8-9 people, fitting within the C-D design category. It features a 285-liter fuel tank and an optional 40-liter water tank, ensuring longer durations on the water without the need for frequent refueling. The headroom under the console is about 1.45 meters, providing comfort for navigation and movement.

Fishing and Leisure Features

With an integrated live well, the boat caters to fishing enthusiasts. The rear area includes a retractable bench, useful for fishing, diving, or simply enjoying the ride. The front deck comprises a convertible area that can serve as a dining space or a sunbathing spot, enhancing the boat's leisure capabilities.

The WHITE SHARK 240 CC Evo stands out for its versatile design, suitable for various activities like cruising, fishing, and water sports. It combines practicality with comfort, making it a great choice for both recreational boaters and marine sports enthusiasts. With its combination of performance, style, and utility, the 240 CC Evo is a testament to WHITE SHARK's commitment to quality and innovation in boat design.

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