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Revolutionizing Design with FIM 470 Regina: Italian Luxury Redefined

Since its launch in 2019, Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi, better known as FIM, has been making waves in the world of boating. The fast-paced evolution of the brand has drawn attention, with the successful production of the FIM 340 Regina and the ongoing development of the Contessa and Imperatrice lines. With the recent Best Revelation of the Year award at the Genoa Boat Show, the spotlight has turned to FIM's newest marvel, the 470 Regina.

Unique Design

One of the defining aspects of the FIM 470 Regina is its unique design approach that aims to bring passengers closer to the water, materialized through the "Bow Life" concept. Inspired by the foredeck's innate seclusion, FIM founders, Corrado Piccinelli and Manuela Barcella, envisioned a "second cockpit in the bow," a novel design shift that sets the FIM 470 Regina apart.

This transformative foredeck design includes a split sunpad, convertible to two side lounges, and a versatile center space. This center area can be filled with water to create a miniature pool, equipped with a canopy for shade, or transformed into an additional dining space by adding a table.

Aft Deck Layout

Taking the adaptability theme further, the 470 Regina also features an ingenious aft deck layout. The aft deck, boasting a cozy elevated dining area, hosts a convertible central sunpad, creating an uninterrupted Beach Club area when the sunpad is shifted to either side. This design also maximizes the usage of the 470's twin fold-down balconies, enhancing the overall open-air experience.

Inside the cabin, the 470 Regina emphasizes luxury and comfort. In the standard configuration, the boat features two generously spacious and luminous master cabins, each with separate bathroom facilities and ample headroom, exceeding seven feet. For those who desire more sleeping quarters, a three-cabin layout is also an option.

FIM has curated a harmonious blend of high-quality materials and made-in-Italy furniture for the 470 Regina's interior, guided by the design influence of Vannis Marchi. The blend of Alpi woods, Nobili bathroom fixtures, Artemide lamps, cool leather inlays creates a seductive environment that feels as good as it looks.

Under the hood, the 470 Regina is powered by either a pair of IPS600 or IPS850s, capable of carrying up to 14 passengers at impressive speeds nearing 40 knots.

If the FIM 470 Regina doesn't quite fit your needs, don't despair. A 420 Regina model is currently in the works, poised to bridge the gap between the existing 340 and 470 models.

In summary, the FIM 470 Regina stands as a testament to FIM's commitment to innovation and quality. With its inventive design approach, premium materials, and advanced technology, it redefines what a luxury day cruiser can be, bringing the Italian flair for elegance and ingenuity to the forefront of the boating world.

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