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The new EOLO Nove as seen by its creator

In a recent interview, Gaetano Fortunato, the General Manager at Eolo Marine, provided some illuminating insights about the company’s latest creation, the EOLO Nove, a vessel that has already begun to surpass industry expectations during its initial sea trials.

The EOLO Nove is an epitome of elegance and versatility, encapsulating the very essence of Eolo Marine's design philosophy in its nine-metre length. It embodies a harmonious blend of fine craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and optimum comfort. This boat is not just a comfortable family liner for splendid days out with friends but also manifests as a fast-paced, spirited vessel for fishing expeditions or a sporty outing, all the while maintaining a charming and elegant demeanor.

This vessel has been keenly anticipated by both the market and the company. According to Fortunato, who is also a member of Confindustria Nautica, the EOLO Nove serves as a progressive continuation of their previous projects, particularly the EOLO 830. It fills a niche in the market, bridging the gap between a medium-small boat and a yacht, a segment that hasn't been extensively explored by many manufacturers.

Priced in the mid-to-high range, at an all-inclusive 200,000 euros, the company foresees a positive response from the market. With an extensive network of dealerships across Europe and a recent expansion into Canada, Eolo Marine has high hopes for the model, deeming it perfect for the current market dynamics.

During the initial sea trials, the EOLO Nove demonstrated remarkable stability while sailing, a characteristic attributed to its increased length. Fortunato, who recently had the chance to test the boat personally, was quite impressed with its performance. Despite being subjected to challenging sea conditions, the vessel, powered by twin 250 horsepower engines, managed to achieve speeds of up to 43 knots with noticeable ease. Not only does it boast a solid structure, but it also offers a quiet yet speedy ride, striking a fine balance between excitement and relaxation, both indoors and outdoors.

In terms of market trends, Fortunato noted that the significant demand at the moment is inclined towards their larger models, especially the AS Marine’s GL range, including the 22, 23, 26, and 28 models, along with a sustained interest in the Day Line boats. The EOLO Nove marks the inception of a new generation of boats, spearheading a fresh wave that will be followed by the EOLO 8, 7, and 6, as the company undergoes a transformative phase.

Looking ahead, Fortunato hinted at the company's interest in exploring electric models, particularly a potential electric version of the EOLO 7. However, this venture comes with its share of challenges, including ensuring satisfactory performance levels and addressing environmental concerns surrounding battery disposal. For now, electric boats seem to fare well in lakes with rentals offering a serene cruising experience at speeds up to 8 knots, but when it comes to purchasing, Fortunato feels the technology might not yet be up to the mark.

Nevertheless, Eolo Marine remains committed to fostering progress in the sector and is poised to seize the opportunity when the right conditions for electric innovation present themselves, steering towards a sustainable and exhilarating future in boating.

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