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What makes BMA boats different?

BMA boats are known for their innovative and distinctive design as well as their impressive craftsmanship and the remarkable blend of performance, capability, and refinement that they offer. We notice BMA boats the second we see them on the water, and when we find ourselves on board, we quickly realize that everything that makes BMA boats so special from afar is enhanced up close.

BMA boats include three distinct series, the Cabin series, the Open series, and the Fish and Sun series which together include six specific models that answer every need of the discerning boat buyer. Born in Italy and standing out in every conceivable way, BMA boats are truly the benchmark for elegance and refinement. Here is an overview of what makes BMA boats so special.

The design

BMA boats are unlike any other on the water and they provide their owners with a distinctive, pure and Italian style that is as elegant as it is head turning. Originality and standing out is at the heart of everything BMA does and regardless of which BMA boat you choose, you will enjoy a unique and benchmark-setting design.

Remarkable care

One of the elements that make BMA boats so unique is their impressive after-sales service and care. BMA products are only distributed through a network of carefully selected operators that are chosen for their technical ability and reliability. After your purchase, you are never on your own and you will receive the dedicated level of customer service and after-sales service that you expect. This makes owning a BMA boat and even more exceptional experience every single day.

Advanced performance and technology

BMA boats aren't just uniquely designed, they are also advanced from both a performance and a technological standpoint. BMA is at the heart of technological innovations and every BMA boat delivers groundbreaking capability as well as reliable and exceptional performance.

BMA boats take a no compromise approach to performance and we know they will surpass your expectations. Give us a call today to learn more.

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